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Ross McCray: VideoAmp

The coronavirus pandemic is threatening every facet of normal life. This episode of the LLAMA podcast was recorded before the global health crisis hit home for so many of us. It focusses on the work-life initiatives of a rapidly growing US company that could be a blueprint for how we live in the future.  But not until life returns to normal. VideoAmp founder and CEO, Ross McCray, is currently dealing with the huge challenge of running a software and data company, employing more than 230 people, from home. He is particularly focussed on providing employees with support for their general wellbeing, to match the facilities that they usually enjoy at the office. Ross is on a long-term mission to change the work-life paradigm. He wants to build a workplace model that nurtures the physical and mental fitness of employees, in an environment that prioritizes happiness and health span. This episode includes Ross’s original interview, with LLAMA’s Peter Bowes, and an update on the impact of cor…

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