Monday, February 8, 2010

Dr Conrad Murray charged

As the convoy of black SUVs arrived at the courthouse near LA airport
my mind went straight back to Sana Maria. Another extraordinary
Michael Jackson media frenzy. In 2005 it was Michael Jackson on trial
- now his personal physician is accused of killing the pop star. The
fans, ever loyal, were present - screaming justice. Just as they did
in 2005. Then, they believe they got it when MJ was found not guilty.
Now they want a guilty verdict. It will be a long process - as one
official said - a very long haul. Day 1 went according to the book. It
was hysterical but ended as we expected. Dr Murray is free on $75,000
bail and due back in court on April 5. He's accused of involuntary
manslaghter. Many more media frenzies to come.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Michael Jackson - the next chapter

After a 3Am start to cover what turned out to be rather uneventful Oscar nominations - at least they were predictable - the day seemed to be winding down nicely by lunchtime. Then the news broke that - according to US media outlets like AP and TMZ - Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, is about to be charged with involuntary manslaughter. The story remains unconfirmed by the authorities, but something is clearly in the air and I sense the beginning of a potentially long and - perhaps - final chapter in the story of Michael Jackson's death.

What were know: Dr Conrad Murray is in LA with his lawyers.
The DA's office has not announced any charges.

Plenty of speculation that Dr Murray will be charged and arraigned Wednesday. Judging by the media interest we are going to see another circus.

Avatar and The Hurt Locker tied 9 nods apiece for the Oscars.