Monday, May 10, 2010

Another LA court ruling against Roman Polanski

Fugitive film directive Roman Polanski's legal options are running out. A judge in Los Angeles has denied a request to unseal testimony that lawyers for Polanski believe would support his fight against extradition.  They argued that sealed testimony given by a prosecutor in Polanski's 1970s sex case would bolster his case. They said the documents would show Swiss authorities were given inaccurate information in their request to extradite Polanski from Switzerland to face sentencing.  But judge Peter Espinoza said he believed Swiss authorities "have the information they need" to make a decision on the extradition request.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren: "The defendant, lacking both case law and facts in support of his position, and obviously running out of options to avoid extradition, makes completely baseless and reckless allegations apparently orchestrated as part of a public relations campaign, rather than being premised on any legal or factual foundation."

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