Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's happening? A whiff of smoke in the air

What's happening? 

It's probably the question I get asked most. It's either a knee-jerk greeting from someone (usually a local) who may just as well have said, Hello, Good Morning, Hey, Hi or Yo - the answer to the question being of little real interest. Or it's someone in the UK genuinely wanting to know what's going on in my beautiful back garden, that is California. 

So without further waffle, my What's California blog starts here. It will be sporadic, sometimes brief but hopefully interesting to friends, colleagues, potential employers, documentary commissioners, desk editors on a quiet day. 

Today I awoke to the worrying whiff of smoke in the air. Fire season is upon us and with temperatures today exceeding 40C in parts on LA, it is the time of year to worry about the flames. The fire in question is burning about 20 miles north of my home and fire fighters seem to be getting the upper hand. Last winter we had a lot of rain which means there is a lot of tinder dry brush to burn on the hillside. I hope I'm not writing about too many fires in the end-of-year months to come. 

New federal regulations will bar cruise vessels and large commercial ships from discharging sewage within three miles of California's coastline. So says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Can't come soon enough - I'm swimming in the Pacific at the weekend, training for the Malibu triathlon.

The Mel Gibson investigation is over and the results have been handed over to LA's District Attorney today.  The DA will decide whether to press charges...

Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab. But she's going to be a busy girl - she's on supervised probation till November during which time she has to: Remain in Los Angeles County and comply with random drug testing twice a week, participate in psychotherapy four times a week and meet with counselors five times a week.

Preparing for the Emmys at the weekend.  Best bet is that Glee is going to sweep the board...

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