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Friday, October 22, 2010

Poll suggests California pot vote set for defeat

The polls have been extremely erratic over the likely chances of
California legalizing marijuana. According to the LA Times voters
oppose the measure 51% to 39%, which is a major shift in opinion if
previous polls are to believed. But the new numbers do reflect what I
have been hearing on the streets.

Canvassing opinion of first time voters, if found a surprising degree
of ambivalence towards the move - in part because many young people
don't think it will change much in a state where pot is de facto
legal. Most of those in favor cited the financial reasons for
legalizing pot - it has been suggested taxes from marijuana could earn
the almost-bankrupt state, $1.4b in revenue.

"People who already want to use marijuana, use marijuana and people
who don't don't," said Brianna Donath, a student in Orange County.
"Other than financially I don't see how it would have much effect."

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