Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Democratic success in California - what's the message?

The scale of the Democrats' success in California - bucking the national trend - was significant. After close races that saw a record amount of spending by the Republican candidates, the key offices of Governor and Senator were easy won by Democrats Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer. Rush Limbaugh is saying that both Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina ran as moderate Republicans - and were roundly defeated. Whitman and Fiorina both snubbed the Tea Party -- and lost. Locally the Tea Party actually supported Fiorina, although she was not their first choice as candidate. Limbaugh says the result backs the case for Sarah Palin and her supporters.

But around California almost every other Democratic candidate won - including San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom who becomes the state's new lieutenant governor (second in command to the governor).

So what's the real message to America from the Golden State?

Stop the obscene spending on election advertising...perhaps? Obama's message of hope is not dead...perhaps? Embrace the Tea Party...seems unlikely.

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