Monday, November 15, 2010

Wall to wall blue sky

Good morning on a perfect November day in Canyon Country, CA. After
a windy weekend it is totally calm today, wall to wall blue sky (I
mean not a fluff of cloud to be seen anywhere) and glorious sunshine.
Didn't want the morning hike with the dogs to end - it's a good to be
alive day.

But I'm back in the office now contemplating last night's telly.
The best and worst of American TV - the utterly awful Sarah Palin's
Alaska - with its dramatic music and contrived drama. Then, the
utterly brilliant Great Migrations on the National Geographic channel.
The HD footage is remarkable - probably the best wildlife documentary
I've ever seen. Also managed - long overdue - to see Temple Grandin -
the true story of the autistic woman who invents the cuddle machine
and redesigns the way slaughter houses manage cattle, to make it a
calmer experience for the animals. Claire Danes's Emmy well deserved.

On 5 Live's Up All Night, Tuesday at 0445 GMT, I'll be chatting
with Vernon Kay about his new prime time venture US TV and his
American adventure. He says: "Where ever you're from in America you
can achieve something. It's instilled in every American to go for your
goals, to strive and's that that I really like about
American society - that go get 'em attitude."

Also happening in California today -- the CA court is due to decide
whether undocumented (illegal) immigrants should continue to pay the
same college fees as legal residents - or the higher fee charged to US
citizens from other states. A group fighting undocumented immigration
has challenged the California law on behalf of U.S. citizens who pay
higher fees as out-of-state students.

Plus - keeping an eye on Facebook's new email - if that's what it
is. And may take a look at the Palin show reviews. Perhaps someone
enjoyed it.

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