Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soaps in the US and Mari Wilson

Everyone seems to agree that daytime soaps in the US will soon fade to black, for good. Following the announcement that two, long-running shows, All My Children and One Life to Live, have been axed by ABC. But could British style soaps, like Coronation Street and Eastenders work on US TV? Not those shows - but dramas based on working class people set in small town America.
I have a fascinating chat on the subject with veteran soap producer, Mal Young, on 5 Live's Up All Night last night (final 30 minutes on the player)

He says: “I think they're ready to go on story-telling journeys in drama and see themselves.”
“We haven't seen the demise of the soaps. We've seen the demise of a certain type of them but as a machine, as a business, a cost model, they're so effective as long as they're done with a great heart and they're relevant to the audience.”

We were also joined on the show by Mari Wilson, Mal's wife, and 80s pop star best known for the single Just What I Always Wanted. Mari talks about her latest projects, a one-woman show that she'd love to bring to the US and her fascination with Los Angeles wildlife.

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