Friday, September 9, 2011

Conrad Murray trial: Jury selection Day 1

"We didn't expect you'd been living under a rock for the past several years, or that you made a pit stop from Mars" -- Judge Michael Pastor's reaction when no potential juror in the Dr Conrad Murray case raised a hand to say they were unaware of the story. More than half of the first batch of jurors were dismissed on grounds that serving on the case would cause them financial hardship. 72 remained to fill out lengthy questionnaire about their views on the case and Michael Jackson in general. Murray is accused of involuntary manslughter in the death of singer in 2009.

The full story so far from Linda Deutsch - the only journalist in court for the jury selection process

Other developments
Sept 8
* Opening statements tentatively scheduled for Sept 27
Sept 7
* CA appeal court refused to halt jury selection process
* Several tabloid outlets are reporting that Dr. Murray will take the stand in his own defense.
* Jury selection may take three weeks

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