Thursday, September 8, 2011

More than 2 million people have been affected by a major power cut affecting parts of Mexico and the US states of California and Arizona...

Two nuclear reactors have shut down after losing electricity and the city of San Diego has been severely affected by the blackout. Great swathes of southern California, Arizona and Mexico have been plunged into darkness. San Diego, America's eighth largest city, is the worst affected area. All outgoing flights from the city's airport have been grounded and police stations are using generators to accept emergency calls. Trains have been stopped in Los Angeles because there's no power to run the lights and traffic control signals. A number of people have had to be rescued from stuck elevators and theme park rides. Two nuclear reactors have gone offline after losing electricity, but officials say there's no danger to the public or workers. FBI officials have ruled out terrorism, while the power station authorities attempt to pin point the cause of the problem. A severed transmitter line between Arizona and California, may, according to one official, be the cause of the problem, Much of the region is currently experiencing extremely high temperatures - over 35 degrees celsius in many areas. It's unclear when the power will be restored.
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