Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jurors hear painful Jackson recording for a second time

The snippet we heard on Day 1 was just a teaser and technically the audio was not entered into evidence at that stage.  But now it is. 

Jurors have heard for a second time, the audio recording of the singer in which he sounds slurred and incoherent. Prosecutors played the full version of a conversation which Dr Conrad Murray recorded on his mobile phone. The recording, which last for four minutes was made about 6 weeks before Michael Jackson died. In the rambling conversation about the singer's This Is It concerts, he says he wants to achieve something that Elvis and the Beatles did not. According to a transcript which was shown to the jurors, he tells Dr Murray he wants to use the money to build the biggest children's hospital in the world.  He says: "I care about them, them angels."  They're the next generation that are going to save the planet.  He goes on to say that he loves them, because he didn't have childhood.