Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meeting Jermaine Jackson the morning after verdict day

"Seeing Murray handcuffed" did little to bring Jermaine Jackson "closure" at the conclusion of the six week trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. I met Jermaine at his home, the morning after verdict day.  It was his first interview after the roller coaster trial which tested the Jackson family's emotions and drew worldwide attention. Off camera he was quiet and subdued.  We chatted in his living room, surrounded by family photos - including one of the Jacksons in France, with Michael, taken a month before the singer's death.  It was to be their last together.  Jermaine told me the family was "still looking for answers" to help them understand the death of his brother. The family will pursue civil actions in the courts. "He was looking at the money instead of the human being," he said of Murray, who was paid $150,000 a month to care for Jackson.  "Michael wanted to sleep, he didn't want to die."

Video at BBC News