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Monday, November 7, 2011

Night falls on a day of Jackson high drama

The fans have gone home, Conrad Murray is in jail, the court is locked -- but we're still talking. Picking over the day which exploded into action shortly before 11AM local time, when word came down the the jurors had buzzed, three times. Verdict!  The excitement and sense of anticipation was palpable. Two hours later, a stoic Dr Murray heard that he had been found guilty of a single charge of involuntary manslaughter.  He had killed Michael Jackson. The cuffs were on and he was transported straight to jail.  Few were surprised that he was found guilty.  The evidence seemed to be overwhelming.  It is not the final chapter in the life and tragic death story of Michael Jackson, but it will probably be the last day of high drama.  Murray will be sentenced in three weeks. There will be civil trials, but for the family's sake, at least, lets hope Michael Jackson can rest in peace.  And we will move on.

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