Friday, January 20, 2012

California today... Etta James dies, Police ID 'head' in the park...

On my radar today...
  • The legendary Rhythm and Blues singer Etta James has died in Riverside, CA. She was 73 and had leukemia.  She'll be best known for the ballad At Last, which she belted out in 1961. 
  • LAPD says it knows the identity of the severed head found in a Los Angeles park. But they're not saying who it is...yet.
  • Unemployment is DOWN in CA for the 5th straight month. The jobless rate in the Golden State now stands at 11.1%.  That's still considerably higher than the national rate.
  • Red Tails, the film about black airmen, set in 1944, opens today. It's the movie George Lucas said Hollywood refused to fund, because "all black" films won't sell at the box office. Is Hollywood racist?
  • There's a storm heading for LA this weekend.  Much needed rain...

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