Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar nominations imminent and Condor observing in San Diego

This is the day in the year when Hollywood folks get up really early... to hear how much they're loved. The rest of the time they just assume it. But seriously, the Oscar nominations are just about to be released.  And it is serious business.  The next few days will see the so-called Oscar bump (at the box office) for those films nominated.  Expects lots of love for The Artist, The Descendants, The Help and Hugo. I'd really like to see War Horse do well, although some critics were luke warm about the Spielberg epic, which may have dented its chances. 50:50 was good too - not really a comedy (as categorized by the Golden Globes) but a moving drama about dealing with cancer. 

Jennifer Lawrence (a nominee last year) will join The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science chief Tom Sherak to reveal the nominees at 05:38.30 LA time.  

I'll be on BBC TV - the News Channel and BBC World at 0530 PT/1330 GMT with all the fun. 

For more subdued viewing I recommend this:

San Diego Zoo Safari Park has set up a cool webcam - the Condor Cam - to observe a pair of condors incubating an egg.  It's slow but rather addictive. 

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