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Monday, January 23, 2012

Rain at last, Oscar buzz ahead of nominations tomorrow

It's been steadily raining in LA all morning.  No big deal, unless you work in the local media. We're way behind in rainfall this winter, so every drop is welcome. In the news today:

  • The So Cal-based marine accused in the killing of 24 unarmed Iraqis in 2005,  has announced an agreement to settle the case. Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich will plead guilty to a single count of negligent dereliction of duty. The maximum sentence is three months
  • Three films starting with the word, The, lead the pack of Oscar hopefuls.  The Artist, The Descendants, The Help and Hugo are likely to dominate the list of nominees - due to be announced Tuesday at 0538:30 PT. Being so far behind the rest of the world, Hollywood has to get up early to catch the news cycle.  It's usually for a yoga class.   I saw Shame last night and was bowled over by the totally unexpected but exquisite rendition of New York New York, by Carey Mulligan.
  • The head-in-the-park mystery is unresolved. LAPD looking into victim's personal life.  Head, hands and feet of 66-year old man were found in Griffith Park last week.
Oh and the LA Times' website is leading with the story about Big Ben tilting.  Bizarre. 

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