Sunday, December 9, 2012

Patrick Moore

So sorry to hear of the passing of a broadcasting legend. Sir Patrick Moore was one of the first people I interviewed, as a student broadcaster, in 1984.  He personally responded, on typed postcards, to my requests.  He had been willing to travel to me, but blamed his "infernal leg" for his not being very mobile, at the time. "Sorry to be elusive - not my fault," he wrote.  We eventually met at his home in Selsey, Sussex. To say that I was excited and thrilled to meet such a childhood hero is an understatement. He was gracious and generous with his time - despite knowing that my radio interview was for a student exercise and would probably never be broadcast.  Sir Patrick had an infectious enthusiasm for his subject but he was not interested in the fluff of show business.  He was my first 'big get' interview, and I will always be grateful.