Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Annie Lennox: Singer, activist

For the past decade Annie Lennox as been an outspoken HIV/AIDS activist campaigning to raise awareness of the disease.

We met at the annual Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado and did a  live radio interview on BBC 5 Live's Up All Night with Rhod Sharp. We were also joined by Annie's husband Dr Mitch Besser - who founded the non-profit group mothers2mothers charity, which focusses on HIV transmission between mother and child.

The interview was also featured on the BBC News website.

And to illustrate the tremendous diversity of discussion at Aspen, Zia Yusuf, CEO of Streetline, a company which is developing smart technology, talks about the cities of the future. They're becoming intelligent - using an app called Parker, which helps people find a vacant parking space, without driving around for hours. 

Jul 2, 2013 | LISTEN