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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cher: Superstar

She epitomizes eternal youth, but even Cher admits to some of the frailties of growing old. 

When we met for a late night interview, the singer was in an introspective mood. She was also lively, friendly and fun.  We talked, in 2013, about music, fans and showbiz. The super star also opened up about her feelings towards the aging process.

"I wish I was younger, it was a lot easier," she said.  It was a reference to society's treatment of a superstar rather than a pang for younger, more vibrant days.  

Cher, at 67, is still physically fit, although she knows her limits.

"There's a finite amount of energy that I have. It's pretty boundless, but it's still not endless," she said.

And the aging process?  "I just don't pay it much attention. I mean I don't really feel...I don't know how it feels to be old really. I'm not sure what that feels like. I asked my mom and she is 87 and she's not sure what it fees like either."

Peter Bowes talks to Cher from Peter Bowes on Vimeo.

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