Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Periodic fast #1 Day Five

Woke up refreshed at 0500.  Noticeably more energetic today. A solid, though not particularly long night's sleep helped - about 6.5 hours. I'm not sure what, but something has clearly kicked in today - the final day of fasting.  Perhaps it is simply the knowledge that tomorrow I can eat normally again, but I doubt it. What ever the cause I feel cleansed, if that's the right expression - or rebooted. Hoping to use this fasting euphoria to have a productive day and clear my desk! 

Coffee + 2 x water + 32 fl oz energy drink (purified water and glycerin - 20 cals, 5g carb) during the day.

Feeling more energized today, the morning hike was easier.

1400 Lunch: Vegetable soup
Supplements: NR-1  -ingredients include a large range of vitamins and minerals.

Dinner: Pumpkin soup + kale chips
Supplement: DHA Omega-3 (from algal oil) 200mg
Note, there's an interesting new study published today which suggests DHA (one type of omega 3 fatty acid) has much broader benefits than perviously thought.

And that's it. 5-day fast done. Today I felt particularly good - had a very productive day, with still no sign of headaches - quite the contrary, I was buzzing mentally.  During the fasting period this is the most positive side-effect - that contrary to most peoples' expectations, it is quite easy to perform almost all daily tasks. My level of concentration is better.

Background notes:
Only food provided by University of Southern California scientists, via L-Nutra, a spin off company from USC, were consumed during the past 5-days. They are not, currently, available for sale.
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