Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Periodic fast #1 Day Four

Slept reasonably well until about 7AM.  Feeling physically more tired today - morning hike was tougher but still doable. Actually felt more invigorated afterwards.
Same routine as usual.  Coffee, 2 x water, exercise. Sipping energy drink through the day.
1000 Coffee (#2) plus energy bar.  Provides a big boost - physically and mentally.

Two interesting studies caught my today: 

Exercising more, sitting less reduces heart failure risk in menThis is a familiar theme but this is a study which backs up the long held belief that exercise and heart health go together - and specifically the effect of a sedentary lifestyle. 

And this is fascinating BBC story - The Minnesota starvation experiment - about a 6-month starvation study involving conscientious objectors during WWII.  Note, this is looking at starvation as opposed to clinically monitored fasting, but interesting all the same.

1300:  Resistance training at gym.  Took it slightly easier than usual but performed better than expected.  Felt better as session progressed.  Quite a challenge though, as my usual routine involves a hearty breakfast, followed by gym a few hours later with a 400 cal (recently switched to vegan) protein shake during the workout. Amazing what the body is capable of if challenged. 

1430 Lunch: Mushroom soup - 100 cals.

Productive afternoon in office. Including about an hour spent working at treadmill desk (1mph)

1900 Dinner: Vegetable soup + kale chips.

Today got better as it went on. Started tired but, despite limited food intake, I seemed to gain strength and energy.

Bed by 1015.