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Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 Periodic Fast #1: Day One

Today is day 1 of my first 5-day periodic fast of 2014. The next 5-day period will be mid-March.  The rest of the time I eat normally - but sensibly.The regime is the same as I experienced last year during the USC trial.  5 days eating only laboratory-designed foods made to deliver low calorie but high nutritional content.  I am starting on a Sunday because I know it will be an easy day at home and the finish day will be Thursday. Back to normal Friday and, while it will involve easing back into regular food,  I will be able to resume a social life and dine out in the evening.  A treat.Starting weight 179.0 lbs (17.8% Body Fat) BMI 25.1 as measured on a Withings scale.  

My stats can be followed in detail here via Fitbit.

0700 -- The days started with a black coffee (the only external food/drink allowed) and 2 x 8oz glasses of water.I am going to try to stick to my usual morning routine which includes an approximately 1.5-2.0 miles dog walk/hike/run. About 0.5 mile of this is a steep climb through a canyon trail - my daily dose of intense aerobic activity.Water #3 - 8oz

1000 --Meal #1Energy bar: Ingredients: Almond Meal, Macadamia Nut Butter, Honey, Pecan, Coconut, Flaxseed Meal, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract, Sea SaltSupplement: DHA Omega-3 (from algal oil) 200mg

1200 Black coffee + water #4

1430 -- Meal #2Vegetable soup:  Ingredients include, rice flower, dried onion, inulin (chicory fiber), dried tomato, dried carrot, salt, dreid red pepper, dried leak, potato starch, olive oil, basil, spinach powder, parsley.Supplements: NR-1  -ingredients include a large range of vitamins and minerals.

Water #5+6

The soup comes as a powder which is mixed with a cup of water and slowly heated. I prefer this (for convenience) to those I used during the clinical trial, which were frozen.The meal easily satisfied me.  So far today I do not feel like I am fasting - in fact it feels like there is quite a lot of food to get through.  My usual non-fasting regime involves two substantial meals a day and a tiny lunch - so today feels like I'm actually snacking away, more frequently than I need to. But I am making such to eat all the food because I know the portions are small and I need the nutritional content.  There next four days may not be so easy.1700 

Meal #3 - afternoon snack. Energy bar + chamomile flower tea.


Meal #4 - dinner.

Water #7+8I was not particularly hungry but had the final meal anyway.  I left a few kale chips.  The pumpkin soup is good, tastier than the vegetable at lunch. I left me feeling satisfied although the salty aftertaste is not great.

So, day #1 was easy. I was tired for much of the day, which was spent at home, although a long work day and a late night yesterday are probably to blame for that.  Interestingly, when I am tired I usually turn to food, even though I don't need it. Today I did not feel the need to do that, although I was focussed on the special meals and mentally prepared not to eat much.

No headaches today which I remember suffering the first time I did this regime.  Plenty of water helps. I suspect tomorrow will be a little harder. 

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