Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Periodic Fast #1 - Day Three

Wanted to sleep longer but got up at 0600, as usual.   Coffee + 2x water and feeling good. Alert, if a little tired. At this stage in the fast I am feeling better than I remember from the previous three cycles. Still no sign of headaches and my energy level is high.  My morning hike, however, was noticeably tougher, but I did it all the same. Just feeling a little weaker than usual on the steep climbs.  Nothing exceptional.

1000 Mid-morning energy bar snack and black coffee.

1400 Pumpkin soup (my favorite) and, because I'm significantly more tired today, another coffee.  Note, there is no choice of flavors - I just eat what is provided in the Day 3 box. I'm serving the soup in a small bowl and using a teaspoon to eat it.  It may be a psychological trick that is not needed, but I'm trying to put more effort into savoring the small portions of food. About 100 calories here.   I'm entirely satisfied afterwards.

1915 Mushroom soup + kale chips.
Finding the kale chips increasingly unsavory mainly because of the salty/garlic after taste. I eat them nonetheless.

Today has been a productive day - managed to get a lot done in the office, but I was very tired after 7PM.  But on a scale of hardship - where 10 is impossible - we're still looking at about a 4.  Onwards and upwards, two days to go.

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