Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Periodic Fast #1 Day Two

Up at 0600 after good night sleep. Got about 7hrs 15. Good sleep is crucially important during this 5-day period (as it is anytime) - to keep me going during the long waking hours without food.

Today I'm feeling clear headed and no hungrier than usual for first thing in the morning.

Usual routine - black coffee + 1.5 mile walk/hike. Plenty of energy.
2 x water

Another black coffee (I needed a boost - it's about now that I usually have breakfast) + few sips of 20oz low calorie energy drink (to be consumed throughout the day).

Energy bar -  
2 x water

Satisfied. I am beginning to move into a familiar feeling of heightened mental alertness. I remember this from the trial and it is the emotion that best describes my sense of wellbeing during this fast period.
No sign of the headache which developed on Day 2, the first time I did this.  Continued good hydration is crucial.

Vegetable soup, NR1 supplements and chamomile tea.  
-- provided a boost boost for the afternoon.

Mushroom soup, kale chips and chamomile tea.
-- not my favorite flavored soup, but ok. 

Today has been one of my best fasting days so far.  To my surprise, on day 2, my energy levels remained high, my mind was alert and I did not feel hungry.   I took the 11 flights of stairs at the office, as usual, with no problem. After about 500 calories I've finished eating for the day, but have a couple of hours of work still to do, including 30 mins of live broadcasting.  I am beginning to feel tired, but nothing extreme.  My hunch is that my body is adapting more quickly to the fast than previous times - or perhaps I am just dealing with it more efficiently.  It has been an office-based day, so not much exercise apart from my early morning hike.  I hope to get at least one weight-lifting workout in before then of the 5-days. 

Home and bed by 2230.

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