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Friday, January 24, 2014

Day after the fast

Back to normal today.  Easing in back to normal (my normal) food with a kale, spinach and fruit smoothie with some rice protein for breakfast.   

Weight 171.6
Weight loss over 5 days - 7.4lbs.

This was the easiest of the four 5-day fasts I have completed.  The most significant benefit was my increased mental alertness and productivity. I felt some physical fatigue but managed to keep up with my daily hikes and a resistance training session - on day 4.  The food becomes monotonous but it is no great hardship and eminently doable over a limited period of time. Individual tastes vary and I do not enjoy salty foods at the best of time, so I'd say my least favorite item on the fasting menu was the kale chips. 

Unlike during the clinical trial, when we were encouraged to return to my normal weight (or the weight at the start of the trial), it is my intention to maintain the weight loss achieve during the past 5 days.  I will adopt a more vegan-like diet - no dairy or meat.  I will continue to eat fish, for the time being, along with a plant protein based diet - nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables etc.  The goal is to plateau at about 168lbs - which actually means losing a few more pounds. 

I will fast again mid-March. 

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