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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weight graph 2013/14

This is an interesting graph - it represents my weight measurements for the past 12 months and clearly shows the three dips (May-July) coinciding with the three 5-day diet cycles.  Each time I put the weight back on, but not quite back to the pre-trial starting point. The USC scientists said they wanted to see a return to normal weight between cycles, so I made no special efforts to keep the weight off. After the third cycle, during the control period, my weight slowly increases. This continues after the trial and throughout the holiday season. Very typical - little bumps over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  During this time I was not focussing on weight control - in fact I was training for a half marathon which I completed in November.  I think, psychologically, I tuned out from weight loss issues after being ultra conscientious during the trial. 

My diet remained extremely sensible during this time, with no binge eating or sloppy habits such as junk food.  That said, I ended the year 2.5lbs heavier.  Again, this is quite typical and illustrates how easy it is to pile on the pounds as the years and decades pass by.

My hope from the current regime - periodic fasting every couple of months - is that it will act as a regular jolt or reboot to my body. It will help me shed any excess pounds and refocus my brain on healthy choices.   This is aside from the possible long term benefit of fasting, related to the diseases of old age. 

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