Monday, March 10, 2014

BBC Presents: What If We Could Stay Young Forever?

Today I'll be presenting a SXSW version of the BBC documentary, What if we could stay young Forever. If you're in town for the interactive conference, I'd love you to come along, if you can. I'm also curious to know how much you care about the aging process and whether you think companies like Google, through their new startup, Calico, can do anything to extend the human life span?

Monday March 9th: 3.30PM

Hilton Austin Downtown

Salon G

500 E 4th St

SXSW: "BBC's Peter Bowes will tell the story of his 2-year quest for a healthier, longer life. While walking at a modified treadmill podium, to make a not-so-subtle point about how sitting is killing us, Peter will relay his experiences as the subject of a clinical trial, testing an extreme diet intervention.  Intrigued by the growing business of life extension and bombarded with adverts promising a longer, healthier life, Peter set out to sort facts from fiction in the world of human longevity. He met the 74 year old Las Vegas doctor, appropriately named Dr Life, who injects himself with testosterone to maintain the physique of a man half his age. He discovered the extreme dieters, who practice caloric restriction as a way to slow down the body clock. He tried intense exercise and even enrolled in a university clinical trial as human guinea pig. The study is testing a theory that may help people grow old without ever suffering from the debilitating diseases that plague the elderly."