Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Joel Kahn - cardiologist preventing heart attacks and chronic disease through plant-based nutrition

Live Long and Master Aging - Episode 32

Dr. Joel Kahn has treated thousands of acute heart attacks during a career spanning more three decades.  A graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Kahn has served as Clinical Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at Wayne State University School of Medicine since 1993. Once a traditional doctor using traditional techniques, he now applies a holistic approach to health care, believing that many chronic diseases could be prevented through changes in lifestyle, with a plant-based diet at the core of his approach to wellbeing.  In this in-depth interview Dr. Kahn explains his theory that the best recipe for good health is a lifestyle “extreme in diet, moderate in exercise and abundant in love.” And with heart disease standing as the world’s leading cause of death, he also plunges into the debates surrounding high fat diets and confusing health messages in the media.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Laura Pomatto - researching the disparity in lifespan between the sexes

Live Long and Master Aging - Episode 31

Could fruit flies help us understand why women tend to live longer than men? It is an intriguing but age-old question. Laura Pomatto is the first-ever graduate in the Biology of Aging Doctorate program of the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, in California. It is the first formal program of its kind in the U.S. Her main interest is in understanding why an organism loses its ability to cope with oxidative stress during aging. Laura’s work with fruit flies has revealed differences in the way male and females respond to oxidative stress. The research could help explain why women typically outlive men. In this in-depth interview Laura explains why fruit flies are a perfect genetic model for aging research; how the close bond she had with her grandparents inspired her to follow a career in the biology of aging; and why she believes scientists should work harder to explain their work to the general public.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Andrius Baskys - restricting calories to extend health span and stave off diseases

Live Long and Master Aging - Episode 30

Dr. Andrius Baskys (@MindThisMind) adopted a lifestyle of calorie restriction because he wanted to improve his health as a middle-aged man. The Lithuanian-born psychiatrist and neuroscientist studies aging and interventions to reverse it. 

A prolific writer and former clinical professor of health sciences at the University of California, Riverside, Dr. Baskys currently practices as a gero-psychiatrist, treating mental disorders in the elderly. He permanently restricts his caloric intake because he believes it will optimize his everyday health and chances of living a long, disease-free life. 

In this in-depth interview he describes his daily regimen, its apparent health benefits and the restrictions it imposes on his active lifestyle. He also discusses the practical implications of a dietary practice thatinvolves careful measuring of his food, at every meal.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The man behind LA's skyline

Architect and author David Martin’s thumbprints are quite literally on the skyline of LA. He is best known for designing some of the city's iconic buildings - including the Wilshire Grand Center skyscraper - at 73 stories it is the tallest building west of the Mississippi. David also runs the Martin Architecture and Design Workshop (Madworkshop) which is a non profit foundation that focusses on architectural innovation. David is also the author of a new book - Joy Ride - about his travels in Mexico exploring the country's ancient buildings.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Allison Melody - embracing the power of food to heal

Live Long and Master Aging - Episode 29

When Allison Melody lost her parents to cancer it had a profound and life-changing effect on her attitude towards food and the healing power of nutrition. In her early twenties she says she had "no awareness of health,” but was moved to dedicate her life to finding a better way to heal. A film-maker and entrepreneur she formed Holistic Voice, a multi-media production company focussing on diet, exercise and alternative healing modalities. Allison co-hosts, with Suzy Hardy, the Food Heals Podcast (@FoodHealsNation), which brings together experts in the fields of nutrition, health and healing. In this in-depth interview, recorded at the recent Podcast Movement gathering in Anaheim, California, Allison reveals her personal longevity goals and explains how she handles skeptical voices as she pursues a life of optimum health.

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