Monday, February 5, 2018

Harith Rajagopalan - solving the global epidemic of type 2 diabetes. LLAMA50

Harith Rajagopalan is a medical doctor, entrepreneur and co-founder of Fractyl, a biotechnology company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Fractyl's stated mission is to solve the global epidemic of type 2 diabetes, a disease that stands in the way of a long and healthy life for so many people.  Dr. Rajagopalan’s work focusses on a better understanding of the root cause of the disease and how diet-related damage to the inner surface of the small intestine leads to insulin resistance. The company has developed a clinical procedure to rejuvenate the duodenal surface, which helps patients reverse or even halt the progression of their diabetes.

In this in-depth interview, recorded at TEDMED, Dr. Rajagopalan explains how the minimally invasive treatment works and how it could give hope to millions of patients who view diabetes as a progressive condition.  He shares his evolving understanding of dietary practices, such as fat consumption and fasting - and explains why birthday cake should play a role in our lives.