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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Doug Orchard - filmmaker explores complexities of fasting

Episode 56 - Live Long and Master Aging 

The extraordinary power of fasting evokes many human emotions, from visceral opposition to a religious adherence to the age-old practice. Going without food can be dangerous and could lead to death under certain circumstances. But medically supervised fasting regimes or diets based on calorie restriction and time-restricted feeding, could be helpful in treating common ailments and even chronic diseases. The topic is explored in great depth in ‘Fasting,' a new documentary by Doug Orchard, a filmmaker, cinematographer and self-experimenter. The film examines seven different methods of fasting and weighs the pros and cons. In this wide-ranging interview Doug explains his respect for fasting; how he has come to understand the limitations of the practice and why he believes in a strict daily feeding regime.  He also discusses his own bodily transformation and dawn-to-dusk adherence to exercise, movement and meal windows.

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