Friday, April 27, 2018

Jason Prall - discovering longevity secrets around the world

Episode 58 - Live Long and Master Aging

The world’s oldest people are an endlessly fascinating source of stories, advice and wisdom. To try to gain a better understanding of their longevity, health researcher Jason Prall set out on a global adventure.  His goal was to unravel the secrets of the longest-lived and healthiest populations. 

The result is a 9-part documentary film series featuring some remarkable characters as well as leading scientists scrutinizing the aging process. The Human Longevity Project visited over 50 locations in 9 countries to study the lifestyles of people that live the longest lives. 

In this in-depth interview Jason reveals the common traits that appear to promote extended health spans; why he believes simplified living is a key pillar of human longevity and how he applies the lessons of others to live a “longer, happier and more fulfilled life.”

In this episode, discover:
  • What is the best single piece of advice about living a long healthy life that Jason learned from the elders interviewed in the film?
“Overwhelmingly the answer was; hold no grudges with those around you maintain good relationships. That was the big thing that they all share.”
  • Why Jason and Peter agree that aging is to be embraced – not feared.
“I love your title of ‘Master Aging’ because a lot of the problems I think that we have is that we demonize aging. We have this tendency now to ‘anti-age’ … I think you hit it on the head with mastering aging.”  Thanks Jason!
  • The reasons elders give for their great age.
  • How did Jason become interested in human longevity?
  • Could the world’s longest-lived communities disappear, as they become ‘westernized?’
  • Why Jason says this powerful observation by a villager in a remote community had a huge impact on him.
“He said: ‘When I was growing up the mind was still and the body was busy. Now I see that the body is still and the mind is busy.’ I thought, wow, this guy gets it.”

  • The paradox posed by melding the simple ways of healthy communities with modern day technology.
  • Jason explains his motivation for making a multi-part documentary about longevity.
  • Diets, genetics and geography.  Do they really impact longevity?
  • The significance of mothers, mitochondria, the micro biome and meditation.
  • How and why Jason has developed a “minimalist lifestyle.”
  • Why Jason believes that choosing your friends carefully can improve your health.
“You can let go of the people that are…energetic vampires and really causing you disruption in your life.”