Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mathias Basner: Improving sleep hygiene for better health

The cumulative effects of chronic sleep deprivation could be shortening our lives. There is evidence that potentially killer diseases are more likely to occur if we get too little sleep over a prolonged period.

Live Long and Master Aging
Episode 86

One reason why we may not be getting enough shut-eye is excessive noise. Mathias Basner is Associate Professor of Sleep and Chronobiology in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and President of the International Commission of Biological Effects of Noise. For the past two decades he has been studying the effects of noise on sleep. It could be the sound of airplanes overhead, the rattling of a heating system or noisy air conditioning that keeps us awake, but research suggests there is a significant connection between noise, sleep, and recuperation.

In this LLAMA podcast interview, recorded at TEDMED 2018, Dr Basner explains the basis for his research and the lifestyle lessons he’s learned through the study of environmental stresses and society’s big problem of sleep deprivation.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Felice Gersh

Live Long and Master Aging: Episode 85’Tis the season to be stressed, overwhelmed and chronically fatigued. There’s a festive thought. But that feeling of being swamped by to-do lists, meetings, appointments, shopping lists and good old daily chores, is not exclusive to the holiday season. 
We live connected lives - sharing, posting and liking - often at the expense of more wholesome activities such as spending quality time with loved ones or taking a quiet walk to nurture the soul.  Stress is snapping at the heels of our daily lives and possibly our longevity. So what can we do about it? 

Dr. Felice Gersh is founder of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine in Southern California and in this return visit to the LLAMA podcast we take on the worries that overwhelm us. 

Dr Gersh explains the 'stress response' and the action we can take to better manage our lives in a frenetic world.

Nathan Pirtle: Social media influencer

Nathan Pirtle is a digital marketer, social media influencer and the CEO of his own digital media company, [Work With The Coach](work with the coach).  His success today is a far cry from the life he once led. A one-time school drop he served jail time for his role in an armed robbery and has been homeless.  

In our conversation on BBC Radio 5 Live's Up All Night, with Rhod Sharp, Nathan explained how his fortunes changed after a chance meeting with a TV executive.  

Nathan's energy is infectious and he tells an inspiring story.

Broadcast: December 11th 2018


Friday, December 7, 2018

Royce Smith

Live Long and Master Aging: Episode 84

Royce Smith lifts weights with his gym buddies every morning at 5am. Then he goes to work - at one of two companies he runs - and puts in a full day in the office. He competes in obstacle course events like the Spartan Race, has a busy family life and at the age of 76, enjoys the best of health. What is his secret?  In many ways Royce epitomizes a lifestyle that promotes a long health span. 

In this LLAMA podcast interview with Peter Bowes the California businessman explains how he maintains his rigorous daily routine; why he keeps pushing himself to take part in obstacle course races and how he is inspired to work out alongside younger athletes.  

This is the third and final episode in our mini series at Results Fitness, featuring older athletes. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Richard Carpenter: The Carpenters

Every now and then, doing this job, an opportunity crops up to spend some time with a living legend. Last week I went to see Richard Carpenter at his home in Thousand Oaks. Luckily he escaped the devastating fires that swept through the area - although he and his family were evacuated from their home for a few hours. We discussed Richard's new album, reimagining some of the Carpenters greatest hits, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It is a wonderfully evocative tribute to Karen and the duo's legacy. Richard shared his thoughts on the new arrangements and tinkled the ivories to create a few goose bump moments for those of us looking on.