Friday, June 14, 2019

Jim Lutz: Yosemite's big trees

Tucker Furniss   |   Jim Lutz   |    Sara Germain
Ten years ago I visited Yosemite National park as researchers launched a unique scientific project to track the life histories of some of the world's oldest and tallest trees. 

VIDEO | AUDIO | Extended interview with Jim Lutz - BBC 5 Live 7.9.19


They want to find out why some of the giant species in Yosemite are dying prematurely.  The project aims to follow a 25 hectare plot over many decades, possibly centuries, as the study is passed on to future generations of researchers. The first decade has already seen dramatic changes in the forest, with wildfires and drought taking their toll.

After covering the launch of the project in 2009, I returned to the plot in May 2019, to meet lead scientist, Dr. Jim Lutz, from Utah State University, and current field team members Tucker Furniss and Sara Germain, see what has changed.