Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ciera Payton: Actress, The Oval

The new White House drama/comedy, The Oval, has been a big success for BET - Black Entertainment Television. One of the show's stars, Ciera Payton, joined me to discuss the series, which is airing amidst the real life drama of the Trump impeachment. We also discuss Ciera's work with Michael’s Daughter Project, an annual creative writing and media summer camp which enables trouble youth to channel their pain into creative artistic expression.


Broadcast: BBC 5 Live's Up All Night with Rhod Sharp  - Dec 10, 2019

Piya Sinha-Roy: Film journalist

The starting gun has sounded on Hollywood's 2019/2020 awards season.  Piya Sinha Roy, senior film editor at the Hollywood Reporter, joined me to assess the runner and riders. We also discuss the truncated awards show agenda with an early Oscars date in February.

LISTEN HERE | First broadcast: BBC 5 Live's Up All Night with Rhod Sharp | Dec 10, 2019

Monday, December 2, 2019

Dr. Mark Scholz: Prostate cancer specialist

Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly occurring diseases in men. There is a high survival rate and living a long life with the condition is possible for many men. There are also lifestyle changes that could delay the onset of the disease and help men achieve a long health span – the number of years they enjoy optimum health. Dr. Mark Scholz is a prostate cancer specialist and a strong advocate for patient empowerment. In this LLAMA podcast interview Dr. Scholz explains why a prostate cancer diagnosis is far being a death sentence and how rapidly changing medical technology is changing the way doctors treat the disease.