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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

David Katz: Physician and writer

If the coronavirus pandemic has reminded us of anything, it is that there is nothing more important than our health and wellbeing.  With a vaccine on the horizon, there is now real hope that the disease will be brought under control during the first part of next year. "People in robust good health are massively less vulnerable to bad outcomes during the pandemic and more vital in general," says Dr. David Katz, a physician and co-author of the new book, How to Eat. Highlighting the importance of lifestyles and nutritional interventions, to promote health and vitality, Dr Katz says, there is much to be done tackling the "neglected scourges” of modern living, as we move on from the pandemic. A renowned public health commentator and prolific writer, Dr Katz serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of Amazentis, a Swiss life science company and co-producer of this LLAMA podcast episode. In this interview, with Peter Bowes, he analyzes the current state of Covid-19; the challenge of sorting fact from fiction; the prospect of “herd immunity” and life after the virus. He also delves into the infinitely fascinating world of the microbiome and nutritional products that promote enhanced muscle mass and function as we age.

Read a transcript and show notes at the LLAMA podcast website.

This episode of the LLAMA podcast was brought to you in association with Amazentis, a Swiss life science company, which is pioneering cutting edge, clinically validated cellular nutrition, under its Timeline brand.

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