Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Kathleen O'Brien: Writer & broadcaster

The art of growing old, gracefully and purposefully, preferably in rude health, is unique to us all. The journey, with its many twists and turns, involves myriad emotions, adventures and challenges.   But Kathleen O'Brien says the process has been somewhat hijacked by society's growing disrespect for the elderly. In her book, Reclaim Your Right To Grow Old, the American writer and broadcaster explores the history of attitudes towards aging and suggests that society's fevered quest for longevity is misguided.  In this LLAMA podcast conversation with Peter Bowes, Kathleen argues that the happiness to be found in aging is being undervalued; that the eccentricities of older people should be celebrated and the joy of smelling the roses more often enjoyed. 

Recorded: April 12, 2021 | Read a transcript and show notes at the LLAMA podcast website.

Topics covered in this interview include:
  • Kathleen's voice was once very familiar to Americans  - how come? 
  • Approaching the "sad ride on the down slope" and discovering a new way to look at aging. 
  • Exploring the history of aging and the attitudes of ancient cultures, especially towards 'elders.'
  • What the location of graveyards tells us about changing attitudes towards older people and death
  • Is 'keep busy, keep active' necessarily a positive message, as people age. 
  • The 'reclaim your right to grow' old philosophy
  • Embracing the eccentricities aging - being free to be who we want to be. 
  • Smell the roses and worry less
  • Death anxiety, spirituality and changing attitudes as we age
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