Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Simone Gibertoni & Adrian Heini: Clinique La Prairie


Embracing science and a holistic approach to living a healthier life, has been a hallmark of the Swiss spa-clinic, Clinique La Prairie (CLP), for the past ninety years. Known for its signature revitalizing therapy, the clinic opened in 1931, under the guidance of  Dr Paul Niehans, an early expert in the field. Today, CLP melds cutting edge technology with a mission to help people optimize their healthspan, though advanced clinical and wellness programs. The LLAMA podcast is teaming up with CLP to discuss the big issues surrounding human longevity. In this episode, Peter Bowes is joined by C.E.O. Simone Gibertoni and Medical Director, Dr. Adrian Heini.  In a wide-ranging conversation they cover the clinic's history, scientific developments, including Epigenetic screening, and the future of wellbeing as a priority in the post-Covid world. 

Recorded: April 20, 2021 | Read a transcript and show notes at the LLAMA podcast website.
  • Clinique La Prairie's 90-year legacy
  • The history of a medical spa that melds science and luxury relaxation 
  • The scientific gatekeepers monitoring the science behind health and wellness programs 
  • Using natural tools to curate a holistic approach to living better and longer
  • Developments in genetics and epigenetic tests to reveal predispositions to certain conditions
  • Tailored  programs to focus on conditions such as oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Plants, herbs and fatty acid profiles
  • The lifestyle traits that influence longevity
  • Personalized healthy living programs and the four pillars for longevity
  • Changing lives and following up to ensure long-term health
  • Why there is no "magic pill"
  • Mindfulness, meditation and bespoke physical exercise modifications 
  • The eye-opening impact of Covid on the business of wellness and the long term implications for healthcare
  • The lasting impact of a week's intensive therapies?
  • Implementing  long-term health programs though CLP hubs around the world. 
  • The importance of lifestyle changes and work/life balance. 
  • Morning routines and daily health. 
  • Taking the long view and imagining the wellness conversation for decades to come. 

This episode is brought to you in association with Clinique La Prairie, the award-winning spa-clinic - and pioneering health and wellness destination - nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland. Combining preventative medicine with bespoke lifestyle and nutrition plans, Clinique La Prairie offers a holistic approach to living fuller, healthier and longer lives.

The Live Long and Master Aging podcast, a HealthSpan Media LLC production, shares ideas but does not offer medical advice.  If you have health concerns of any kind, or you are considering adopting a new diet or exercise regime, you should consult your doctor.

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