Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Jenny Etnier: University of North Carolina

Making exercise a daily routine, from childhood, could be the key to preventing or slowing down some of the diseases of old age. Multiple studies have demonstrated the efficacy of physical activity, in improving cognitive health, throughout the human lifespan. Jenny Etnier is a professor of sport and exercise psychology in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina. Working with children and older adults she is an advocate for exercise to nurture the mind and stimulate a healthy brain. In this LLAMA podcast episode, with Peter Bowes, Dr. Etnier explains the lifetime benefits of physical education in schools; the meaning of mental toughness; and the reason why we should all enjoy a few minutes of "pure joy" every day. 

Recorded: May 4, 2021 | Read a transcript and show notes at the LLAMA podcast website.

Topics covered in this interview include:
  • Helping children have a more positive youth sport experience
  • Taking a lifetime approach to physical activity for all ages, for mental health
  • Making exercise a lifetime habit
  • The value of physical education in schools. 
  • Jenny's exposure to exercise leading to a lifetime of sport and coaching. 
  • Parents' priorities and goals for their children and sports. 
  • Learning how to self reference for personal joy and improvement. 
  • Walking basketball - why not?
  • The mental health benefits of physical activity, movement and exercise. 
  • How our lives have changed, for the better, during Covid, emphasizing exercise.
  • Quantifying the cognitive benefits of physical activity.    
  • Mental toughness and the notion that it also applies to how we live our daily lives - time management and stress.  
  • Physical activity to delay   the onset of symptoms for people at risk from Alzheimer's.  
  • Making a regular commitment  to sport with a partner. 
  • Setting aside a few minutes for pure joy every day. 
  • Future studies: the timing of a single session of exercise for better memory the next day.
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