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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Dmitry Kaminskiy: Freezing the aging process

What if we all had a personal, digital avatar to guide and nurture our lives, as we pursue a long healthspan? The concept, in a world of personalized medicine, could become a reality, according to future-thinker and longevity entrepreneur  Dmitry Kaminskiy.  The London-based investor and co founder of the UK All Party Parliamentary group for Longevity focuses on the intersection of artificial intelligence and the aging process.  His latest book, Biomarkers of Longevity, he explores the way technological advances in longevity have exploded in recent years and how breakthroughs in the science of aging will enhance our lives in the decades come.  In this LLAMA podcast conversation with Peter Bowes, Dmitry explains his vision of the future and why he believes there will soon come a time when we can “freeze” the aging process. 

Recorded: June 29, 2021 | Read a transcript and show notes at the LLAMA podcast website

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