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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Barton Scott: Expanding life's timeline

Mineral deficiencies can have a crippling impact on our everyday health and vitality, as well long term implications for healthspan.  The food we eat and the environments we live in, play a critical role in maintaining a delicate balance of chemicals that sustain life.  But even the most ideal-sounding diet can fall short of providing an essential mix of minerals.  

Barton Scott discovered the hard way, through ill health, that he suffered from chronic deficiencies that were severely impacting his quality of life.  Myriad dietary interventions failed to resolve his issues and prompted Barton to apply his knowledge, as a chemical engineer and nutritionist, to resolving the problem. The solution, he discovered, revolved around the body's ability to absorb mineral particles.  It led to him creating Upgraded Formulas, a company that applies nanotechnology to minerals and assesses which components we need through a hair test.   

In this LLAMA podcast interview Barton explains the background to his company and why he believes that regular testing for heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiencies is essential to support a healthier, happier, more productive life. 

Recorded: Sept 6, 2021 | Read a transcript and show notes at the LLAMA podcast website.

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