Monday, December 20, 2021

Phil Cavell : Cyclist

Older cyclists often try to push the boundaries of athletic prowess as they pursue their life-long, or new-found passion – dogged in their love of the bike and determination to keep on riding. But is it wise to continue running the engine indefinitely?  Phil Cavell is the author of The Midlife Cyclist and the co-founder of Cyclefit, a UK-based company dedicated to cycling analysis and biomechanics. In this LLAMA podcast interview the veteran club cyclist discuses the art and the science of riding.  He shares a barefoot cyclist’s enthusiasm for the sport and explains why attitude, diet, sleep, alcohol consumption – or lack of it – all matter, in the quest to be a successful midlife rider.  He also discusses aging wisdom and the rules of the road that apply to anyone bent on master the aging process.

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