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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sergey Young: Investor

Longevity science has been moving at breakneck speed in recent years, reinforcing the view of some innovators that we are on the cusp of a 200-year lifespan.  Whether it be longevity in a pill, artificial organs or gene therapy to cure diseases, recent breakthroughs suggest many of us already have the tools needed to live longer and better.  Sergey Young is a longevity investor and visionary with a mission to extend healthy lifespans of at least one billion people. He founded the Longevity Vision Fund to accelerate life extension through technological innovations and recently published his book, The Science and Technology of Growing Young.  In this LLAMA podcast interview, Sergey explores his passion for the emerging science and explains why he believes that optimizing healthspan  – extending our healthy years – is within the reach everyone.  Sergey seeks, with pragmatism, to energize the aging process, celebrating what he calls the “the near horizon of longevity innovations.”

Interview recorded: October 20, 2021 | Read a transcript at the LLAMA website.

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