Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Hotelier Chip Conley's Three Things a Day

The Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) podcast is 5 years old this week. I'd like to thank everyone who has listened, contributed, praised and critiqued our interviews - all the feedback and support is hugely appreciated. 

On to the next five years. 

I am going to continue exploring the science and stories behind human longevity, interviewing scientists, entrepreneurs and visionaries in the longevity space.  The podcast is not about living forever, just as long as we can with optimal health, purpose, real-life social connections and the love of our families. 

Mid-week, in-depth interviews delve into the research, while a new Sunday supplement will explore daily routines, lifestyle hacks and longevity-driven habits.

My Day | My Life tells the stories of people who have, in one way or another, mastered the art of aging. Whether it be through diet, exercise, mindfulness, spirituality, nutraceutical interventions, social connections, generosity or fulfilling careers, the new 10-minute, day-in-the-life format explores the essential elements to living life with purpose, and perhaps, longevity.  

Hotelier Chip Conley's Three Things a Day

Chip Conley is hotelier, writer, former executive for Airbnb and founder of the Modern Elder Academy, a self-styled school for midlife wisdom.

Read a transcript at the LLAMA podcast website.

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Affiliation disclosure: The LLAMA podcast receives a small commission when you use the code LLAMA for purchases at DoNotAge.org.  It helps to cover production costs and ensures that our interviews remain free for all to listen.

The Live Long and Master Aging podcast, a HealthSpan Media LLC production, shares ideas but does not offer medical advice.  If you have health concerns of any kind, or you are considering adopting a new diet or exercise regime, you should consult your doctor.

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