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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

John Whyte: Chief Medical Officer at WebMD

How many times have you turned to a search engine to diagnose your latest ache and pain? Perhaps you visit the doctor and leave the surgery confused and befuddled? Finding and implementing accurate health information - especially preventative measures - can be extremely challenging. It's hard to know what to believe online and some medical professionals are not known for their communication skills. In this LLAMA podcast episode Dr. John Whyte, Chief Medical Officer at WebMD, explains the business of sharing reliable advice.  In a world where information travels fast,  how do we navigate the myriad sources and figure out the best path forward.  Dr. Whyte, author of Take Control of Your Cancer Risk, also discusses his growing appreciation of gratitude and the power of purpose, as tools to prevent disease and enjoy optimum health.

Interview recorded: December 6, 2021 | Read a transcript at the LLAMA podcast website.

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