Wednesday, June 8, 2022


Make sure you’re getting your daily dose of fish oil.  It is one of the basic rules of nutrition and there is no argument that omega-3 fatty acids are very important for our health. But those fishy burps are irksome. The science behind – and our understanding of omega-3 oils – has come a long way. In today’s episode we’re going to explore how nano-dispersion technology is being used to fuel our bodies with a new smoothie, EO3 (Enhanced Omega-3), without the downside of unpleasant belching. 

In collaboration with EO3, LLAMA brought together the company’s founder, Janne Karin Sande, who’s based on Oslo, Norway, and Prof. Stuart Phillips, director of the Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE) at McMaster University, in Ontario, Canada, to discuss the drink, which contains Norwegian cod liver oil and protein.  

This episode is produced in association with EO3, the ready to drink product, made with fish oil and protein,  designed to help athletes train faster and harder with optimum recovery. Backed by science EO3 is a complete nutritional solution for cognitive and physical benefits. A better way to get the Omega 3 your body needs.

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