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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Is life extension a pipe dream?: Anette Breindl

Extending lifespan is the goal of many in the field of human longevity, with myriad companies developing pharmaceuticals to target the key biological markers of aging. But which interventions actually work?  A team of researchers at BioWorld  recently delved into the latest science to try to make sense of the many clinal trials focused on the biology of aging.  Anette Breindl is a co-author of the magazine's special report on aging, which also explores whether the large sums of money going into aging research are leading to real-world breakthroughs. In this LLAMA podcast interview Anette discusses her pragmatic approach to anti-aging and why life extension could still be a pipe dream - at least in our lifetimes.  Shownotes available at the LLAMA podcast website and YouTube, where you can subscribe to all of LLAMA's interviews. 

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