Monday, February 6, 2023

Telling the stories of our lives | James R. Hagerty

Telling the stories of long, healthy and productive lives is what we do here. We share insights into how people conduct themselves - the habits, hacks, lessons and learning curves that evolve over time. We hear about relationships, athletic adventures and career achievements of a life well-lived - the highs and the lows.
One day, hopefully in the distant future, it will be obituary-time. A few paragraphs politely mentioning some of our milestones along with funeral arrangements and options for flowers. But before it comes to that, have you ever thought about telling your own story? James R. Hagerty writes obituaries for The Wall Street Journal, but his new book focusses on the living. In Yours Truly: An Obituary Writer's Guide to Telling Your Story, James shares his skills and insight into how to record the pivotal moments of our lives. He also explains how the process could prove life-enhancing or enlightening and a valuable resource for our loved-ones. This interview was also published on February 1, 2023 at ▸ Also listen and subscribe at Apple Podcasts: https://llamapodcast.us15.list-manage... The Live Long and Master Aging podcast shares ideas but does not offer medical advice. If you have health concerns of any kind, or you are considering adopting a new diet or exercise regime, you should consult your doctor.

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