Monday, April 17, 2023

Dr. Dominic Denk: New research: Pomegranates and cancer

Researchers in Germany have found that a compound found in pomegranates may play a key role in fighting cancer.   Human trials are needed to established whether findings seen in mice and test tubes also apply to people, but early results look promising. 

Let’s look at the detail. 

Pomegranates and other foods, such as nuts, contain ellagitannins. We use them to produce Urolithin A (UA) which is important for the health of our mitochondria, the energy centers of cells. Scientists say it also improves the function of immune cells in their fight against cancer.  

We don’t all produce UA at the same rate, but a supplement exists, in a highly pure form, which is used to boost cellular energy and muscle strength.  Could it also aid the body’s natural defense against cancer?  Dr. Dominic Denk, a physician at Frankfurt University Hospital was part of the team that carried out the latest research with the Frankfurt Cancer Institute.

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